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      • Get 20% OFF On Black Friday!

        This Friday, Quistel is having its first ever 'Black Friday' Sale... and we're offering a massive 20% Off EVERYTHING!!! Just use discount code BLACKFRIDAYQ2014 when your checking out to get 20% OFF our organic pet shampoo, conditioners and lotions sprays for your dogs, cats and horses or choose from our...

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      • Our NEW Lavender Fragranced Pet Lotion

          This November we're delighted to be trialling our exciting NEW Lavender fragranced pet lotion! It has all the benefits of our original lotion but with added Lavender which is known for its calming effects and with a delightfully fresh odour. We decided that the best way to trial our...

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    Quistel Organic Pet Care & Grooming Therapies

    Welcome to Quistel Pet Care, we produce Organic Grooming Therapies and health products for your pets!

    Our range includes Dog, Cat and Horse Shampoos, Lotions, Conditioners, our 'World Famous' Soothing Ear Cleaner and the Xenca food supplement range which includes their amazing Pet Collagen!

    Quistel is based in Manchester, United Kingdom and we supply grooming supplies to pet owners, pet shops, grooming salons, breeders and online pet boutiques!

    We hope you enjoy looking around our website and if you need any help then please just ask.